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Kati Patang Break Free Edit 2022 Is Now Live


Kati Patang NOT drinks (NOT Gin & Tonic, NOT Cosmopolitan, NOT Old Fashioned).


NOT Digest

These beverages taste so good, you may not even miss the alcohol.


Non-alcoholic drinks to raise a toast with this summer.


I was pleasantly surprised by how yummy and refreshing NOT Gin & Tonic is - not super sweet - and the fact that it tasted like a PROPER Gin and Tonic without the Gin, boggled my mind.

Kirin Vas

Really enjoyed how crisp and fresh the NOT Gin & Tonic was especially with a slice of cucumber and lots of ice, both with and without adding Gin to it. I also savoured it with white rum :)

Akanksha Redhu

Recently ordered the NOT craft seltzers and I loved it! The blend of natural flavours works perfectly to give your tastebuds a hint of traditional cocktails! My favourite is the NOT Cosmopolitan.

Palak Kalia

Tried the amazing NOT Gin & Tonic for a Sunday evening. Added Basil leaves, lime juice and ice cubes to it. Super refreshing drink. Totally in love.

Shweta Badjate

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