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NOT your typical board games and playing cards

NOT your typical board games and playing cards

We are NOT going to echo what the country has been gaga about - Monopoly, UNO, ludo and the works. Too pedestrian, particularly after having played these almost every day during the lockdown. *Yawn* We have handpicked three NOT your usual games that we recommend pairing with drinks, well, NOT your usual, India’s first craft seltzers.

Each suggestion is as gripping as the other. We may need to coin the phrase, binge play. 


  1. Trust us, these are good
  2. We are NOT playing with you

Here we go: 


Get ready to betray your morals & principles with a side of our non alcoholic craft seltzer, NOT Old Fashioned. This one is a simulation of real world politics, where you must emerge as the leader with foresight using strategies, naive folks would describe as unethical. All this drama pairs well with the drama of spices and notes of Bourbon whisky in our low calorie seltzer.

Dungeons and Dragons

If you tend to run your imagination wild and jump at the mention of a quest, this one's for you. As complex as the flavour profile of our non alcoholic gin, NOT Gin & Tonic, D&D is an elaborate game for story tellers where each player is given a set of skills as an adventurer and a Dungeon Master (DM) throws quests your way. While narrating the story, the DM leads the players through unknown landscapes, and the adventurers decide their fate when met with adversity, read dragons. The entire story might take years to finish, so be sure to stock up on quite a few cases of NOT, non alcoholic craft seltzers

UNO Flip

Yes yes we know. But we promise this one is twisted. Pure evil. A new variant of the classic UNO, this one comes with a dark side that includes action cards players will rant about for days. Most brutal is the wild draw colour card where the poor next player has to pick up cards until they arrive at a colour chosen by you. We are pairing this with our NOT Cosmopolitan, non alcoholic craft seltzer, an equally innocent looking but twisted drink that balances the sweet with the tart. We suggest taking a light stroll after a round or two or downing a few chilled bottles of the non alcoholic seltzers to simmer down.

Google the three games and order them right away. Don’t forget to shop for our NOT drinks or non alcoholic craft seltzers.  

BRB. It’s our turn to crush the opponents. 

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