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How to NOT get bored during the lockdown - part deux

How to NOT get bored during the lockdown - part deux

Pardon our french, but deux is one of the few words we know from the beautiful language. And do NOT ask why we used the word. We were just feeling fancy. How seldom is it that one feels fancy during the lockdown? And how often can we really act on it? We’ll get to that soon. 

But first, here’s how to have fun with family during the lockdown.

Your parents are treating you like a child yet again, staying all up in your business and your sibling can’t seem to catch a break and you are at tipping point? What can you do besides brood in your room? But we promise these frustrations melt away when 8PM sharp every family member sits down for a little game. Start with UNO, a great appetiser. Once famished, bring out the main course - playing cards. An hour long affair with Rummy or Poker can leave everyone satisfied and happy. To quench your thirst, pop open a chilled drink and end with dessert, a quick game of Jenga. Thank us later. 

Brace yourselves, we are going to be super professional and ‘circle back’ to being fancy during the lockdown. Fun, effective recipes to eschew boredom. Yes, you can wear that suit or dress you bought before they announced that the dreaded virus is back. Or NOT. Decisions, decisions! And wait for the Sun to set. 

When the sky blushes, bring out your chairs, coffee tables, speakers, Kati Patang NOT seltzers and amuse-bouche. Oh God. And follow the steps below. 

  1. Place a Martini Glass, or any other you have on you cute coffee table
  2. Muddle a few Watermelon cubes. For freshness throw in a few Mint leaves
  3. Scoop a few ice cubes and add to the glass
  4. Bring out a chilled bottle of NOT Cosmopolitan, non alcoholic craft seltzer, and pour out the pink-blushed beauty
  5. And garnish with a slice of burnt Orange

A toast to a pink sky, a pink flavourful sparkling drink. Watch your surroundings slowly don French aesthetics. You might just say, “Belle!”.

Need more? Alright, alright. Fancy a lemon-y evening refresher?

  1. Place a Balloon Glass, or any other you have
  2. Muddle Basil leaves and add 10ml of Lime juice
  3. Add lots and lots of crushed ice
  4. Pour out a chilled bottle of NOT Gin & Tonic, non alcoholic craft seltzer
  5. Top with a slice of lemon

One more? This one’s a drink slowly sipped by ‘higher management’ like you, add a Cuban cigar and oof! 

  1. Place a double malt glass. You just upped the fancy by 1000. 
  2. Muddle slices of Mango and Basil leaves
  3. Scoop crushed ice and let  them slide into the glass
  4. Top with a chilled bottle of NOT Old Fashioned, non alcoholic craft seltzer
  5. Give it a Minty garnish

This just in, we realised why we can NOT stop speaking a little French. We have been treating ourselves to fancy sunsets for way too long. Guilty for saying ‘Bonsoir!’ to our loved ones, and oddly being met with expressions of irritation. This wraps up part deux of how to NOT get bored. 

Au revoir. Watch out for our next article. Hopefully, no French there! 

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